Main Window

Add Scene


A scene is defined by a set of various sources. You can add, remove, or modify scenes by simply right clicking the scenes list box.


A "source" is typically individual images or video input which make up the currently selected scene. You can add, remove, or modify sources in a scene by simply right clicking the sources list box.

Auxiliary and Desktop volume

These volume adjusters control how loud your audio output is to the stream.

The left volume adjuster controls the auxiliary/microphone device you use (if any), and the right volume adjuster controls desktop sound.


Opens the application settings dialog box, where you can configure things like application language, encoder settings, publishing settings, video/audio settings and any plugins you may have.

Start/Stop Streaming

Begins or stops streaming using the settings that you specified in your broadcasting settings. (Active on Live Stream Output)

Edit Scene

Allows you to select/reposition/resize objects within a scene by clicking on them in the scene view.

Start/Stop Recording (Replay Buffer)

Begins or stops recording using the settings that you specified in your broadcasting settings. (Active on File Output and when save to file is active on Live Stream Output) You can also start and stop the Replay Buffer using the arrow at the end of the button.

Global Sources

Global sources are sources that are independent of scenes, and persist until the stream ends. They start up when first used, and are destroyed when a stream ends. This is especially useful and recommended for say video devices such as web cameras or capture cards, or desktop capture. It is not really necessary for other things like regular bitmaps and such.

Preview Stream

Allows you test and view your stream without actually going live. It will also report your estimated bandwidth usage when complete.


The plugin dialog box displays information about plugins, and allows individual plugin configuration.

Top menu



Saves the current profile and scene collection.

Open Recordings Folder

Opens the folder where your recordings are saved.

Show Saved Replay Buffers

Opens the folder where your replay buffers are saved.



Opens the settings dialog.

Always On Top

Show the OBS window always on top of other Windows.

Fullscreen Preview Mode

Starts the fullscreen preview, which allows you to check your current scene on your full monitor size.

Open Configuration Folder

Opens the configuration folder.


A profile holds all your current settings, resolution, bitrate, streamkey, etc. and allows you to switch a whole set of settings very fast.

Scene Collection

A Scene Collection allows you to save or load a complete set of Scenes with all included Sources.


Visit Website

Opens the OBS Website.

Open Help Page

Opens this website.

Show Log Window

Activates the Log Window, to keep an eye on log messages.

Log Files

Opens the Log Files sub-menu, which allows you to analyse your current/last/or older log files or to upload them for support questions.

Open Log Folder

Instead of uploading or analysing the log you can also open the log folder to check them yourself.

Check for updates

Let's you manually check for updates.