Shortcut options

Editing the "Target"-line of your OBS shortcut, allows you to use different options, for example automatically start broadcasting, or loading OBS with a specific profile.

The following commands can be used:
  • -multi : start multiple instances of OBS (combine with -profile and or -portable)
  • -portable : run OBS in a portable mode that saves all settings to the main OBS folder, instead of your %appdata% folder
  • -start : run OBS and automatically start streaming (and recording if that is activated)
  • -profile "profile name" : start OBS with mentioned profile
  • -scenecollection "scene collection name" : start OBS with mentioned scene collection

An example Target-line could look like this:

  • "C:\Program Files(x86)\OBS\OBS.exe" -multi -portable -profile "QuickSync 30fps" -scenecollection "games" -start

This would start the 32bit version of OBS, allowing more instances to be started, portable mode, loading the profile "QuickSync 30fps", loading the scene collection "games" and also automatically start streaming/recording, depending on your profile settings.