Video Capture Device

Select your Web-Cam or Capture Card and change its settings.

Video Capture Plugin



Select your Video Capture Device to be used for capture

  • Configure : Open the configuration dialog of your device
  • Refresh : Refreshes the list of devices
  • Open Crossbar : Open the crossbar of your device (let's you select Input and Output Pins)

Flip Image Vertically/Horizontally

As described, flip the image as chosen. Remember, this is not rotating.

Use point filtering

Point filtering can be useful if you change your Input resolution on stream.


Change the Opacity of your Video Capture Source


  • Custom Resolution: Activate the following settings
    • Resolution : Set a custom resolution
    • FPS : Set a custom frame rate (often the Input Hz frequency)
    • Output Format : Color Format to be used for Input
    • Use Buffering (milliseconds) : Buffer the Input of your video capture device (useful for synchronising Video and Audio)


  • Audio Input Device: Lets you select the desired Device for Audio Input
    • No Audio : Deactivates this device
    • Output audio to stream only
      • Audio Time Offset (milliseconds): Offset the playback of your Audio device to synchronise it to your Video)
    • Output audio to desktop

Chroma Key

This feature lets you use a green-screen for example and remove the green parts of your webcam footage.

Use Chroma Key activates chroma keying. Select your desired color and choose the Similarity/Blend and Spill Reduction until you like the result.